At ASCS CLASS,satisfaction is our motivation.Our 9001:2015 Quality Management System is duly certificated by global group.To ensure that we are providing you with professional service,every survey is carefully reviewed by our Head Office Engineers.We verify that our performance exceeds the highest expectations in ship safety and marine pollution prevention.

   ASCS CLASS – Asia Shipping Certification Services, provides inspection, certification, and issuance of statutory certificates in the name of the Maritime Administrations and in accordance with current national and international regulations.     The competence of our company in providing these services excludes the following points:
Design and Development: ASCS CLASS is not a company dedicated to investigation, design and/or development of new products since its standards and regulations are ordered by international institutions such as The International Maritime Organization (IMO), Flag Administrations and Treaty Conventions (SOLAS, MARPOL, ISM & ISPS Codes etc.). In the same manner, we do not manufacture consumer products. The work of ASCS CLASS is repetitive by its nature. Validation for the Processes of the Service Rendered: The clause is not applicable since the Organization does not have processed outputs, and thus cannot be verified for subsequent monitoring or measurements. Control and Use of Measurement Devices: ASCS CLASS does not use metric measurement instruments or any other similar procedure during its processes. Such instruments are not used because they do not affect the effectiveness of our processes. Any measurements that are required are provided by our suppliers. For this reason, we do not calibrate measurement equipment.

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